When it comes to writing good software using a common language, management speak, jargon, hashtags and buzzwords are an all important tool.

Language allows us to form agreements but here’s some pause for thought.

Have we taken thing a little too far? What effect has technology had on the way we communicate?

Here’s a new book and a Launch by a local Australian writer on how modern English has taken a turn for the worse.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

“New technology is transforming human communication. As much as we are citizens, we are consumers; as much as we live in a society, we now live in an economy which treats “productivity” much as we used to treat religious observance. Private worlds have been up-ended; work and careers reconfigured; connections to history, literature, place and belief have been severed. Language must pay a price. The language of management is now inseparable from the lives we all lead and, unless in future human twaddle proves an impediment to artificial intelligence, there will be no stopping its advance.”