I spend my days at work constantly learning and adapting to new things. Reading, writing, watching and listening. Seeking out a deeper understanding from the world around me and then translating that into agile software development.

It’s a wild ride.

To connect my working life together into some sort of patch work progression I find it helps to define my learn goal each month.

“Can I be bothered to re learn Kotlin and GraphQL or Terraform? Perhaps master a a classical music composition technique or a yoga style? Do I want to work towards being a lead engineer a business architect, a technology architect, or a people manager?”

To get started on finding an answer to this question I start with the following.

1. Horizon

Define the next job title you would like to shoot for.

2. Place

Re state your current job title, what that is intended to mean and what is your current set of core skills.

3. Schedule

Figure out in your calendar exactly what time you have to research and how you will be spending that time.

4. Scope

Outline what you what to focus on and what you want to try to avoid. Make it achievable.

5. Checkpoint

What is my completion checkpoint?

Set a date and clear deliverable. Be clear on what success looks like before you start.

6. Celebrate

Know how you plan to celebrate and make sure you indulge.

I find that writing this up and sharing it with colleagues is a great way to stay on track and help others understand more about who you are.

What’s your learn goal this month?