Rather than having a nation wide Hottest 100 Triple J should have a live and local hottest 100 – a bit like our federal election. For each Aussie municipality there should run a democratic vote.

Let me back up and explain the issue with this competition. In the past week a number of writers have weighed in on the debate.

There are two major problems with Triple J’s hottest 100.
1. Most of the music is not Australian. Given that it’s funded by Aussie tax dollars to help support and promote our creative industries, perhaps we can improve on the initiative.
2. It’s a dick forest. In the last 20 years, there have been a total of nine acts who were female. Only two songs by solo female artists made the list. This contest is skewed.

What is most fascinating about this most prestigious of elections is how wide spread and important it is. We all make a effort to enjoy the yearly count down. It’s a source of joy for countless parties around the country. It’s been running for 20 yrs and now it’s time for a face lift.

The democratic edge of the contest is fascinating. If we’ve collectively voted for this music, does that not mean we deserve these results? Has democracy failed us? Are we Aussies in love with Men from America?

I think the Hottest 100 is unfair and quite possibly continues to fuel our nations cultural apartheid. Musicians are given airplay through the economics of music distribution which is something the ABC and Triple J have been setup to avoid. We pay tax dollars to keep the ABC culturally relevant. Shipping in content is NOT a sustainable approach.

One solution that has been discussed is to introduce a ‘quota’ system. “A minimum number of girls. A minimum number of Aussies.”

I have a better solution. A more ‘locally structure’ type of election.

My goal is to get people to take pride in the music coming out of their neighbourhood. With 15% of the nation actively involved in the creation of music I’m sure we can all find one act, close to home, that we’d like to vote for and support.

Going ‘local’ will address our ‘ship-in overseas addiction’ and our ‘sexists’ skewed hottest 100 ways. It will ‘widen’ the focus. Encourage grass roots appreciated and celebrate geo-diversity.

There are a multitude of ways this approach could be made possible. I’ve spent the last year working on Musomap – The Global Map of Musicians and it’s incredible the amount of local and live music collaboration I’ve seen spring up all over the place.

Quite simply, we have a govt federal election organised into local seats. We elect a local minister and collectively these ministers represent the nation. Dear Triple J, let’s put together a similar selection process for your Hottest 100 competition! Trust me, it’ll be lots of fun. You in?