Arguably one of the simplest design patterns out there. A great place to get started.

How is this pattern going to help me?

  • It helps to encapsulate a related set of algorithms. A family of calculations or assessments.
  • Improve Separation of Concerns Principles and Open/Closed Principles.

Strategy Pattern Smells?
Smells! A smell in code is a bit of code you think smells real bad.

I have various ways of calculating the price of a product, they vary depending on the selected shipping method. I keep adding new ones and it’s getting crazy! Hmm…

When it comes to the Strategy pattern the following smells might be solvable…

  • Lists of conditions or growing switch statements.
  • Adding another similar ‘calculate cost’ method with a small variation. Another family member – an ugly uncle who drags the family down with all their boring nostalgia about transport and stream trains. meh.

The strategy allows us to encapsulate each algorithm into a separate concrete implementation that can easily be expanded upon.

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