If you’re looking for a top notch speed to market mobile app developer, this is where you should start!

Last night’s Sydney Mobile Developer meetup was excellent. The code, beer and pizza was flowing.

A friendly crew in North Sydney

We met in North Sydney at the Envoy’s cosy offices and the evening started off with the regular ‘news update’. A quick overview in all ‘new things’ in the .net mobile / xamarin space. And prizes.

If you show up to this meetup you are very likely to win something. I won a Nokia umbrella. Yes. That’s right. I won.

The Sydney .Net Mobile Developer meetup crew is a collective that is connected, aware of partnering organisations, a cross promotional space, a popup and lighting talk platform, an industry focused developer event.

Mobile Technology

The event revolved around two excellent talks about how Xamarin can save you time and improve quality when building a mobile app across iOS, Android and Windows. Exploring mashups with .net mvc view, web views in xamarin forms, and the new features in the next version of iOS.

It was interesting to learn more about ‘handoff’.

Who’s gonna buy Xamarin and keep it alive?

Towards the end of the event, as the pizza arrived an interesting question was raised.

“How would you feel if Microsoft bought Xamarin?”

A vote was cast by the group and surprisingly the resolving sentiment was… “That would probably be a good thing.”

Here’s why:

  • Corporates would be happy with the licencing agreement if it was bundled into their Microsoft agreements.
  • Developers would be more confident in it’s ongoing support. “I’m currently worried that my Xamarin apps may not work on future version of iOS. Someone will need to keep this alive going forward!”
  • Improved Visual Studio integration and centralised development environment.