You would think that a natural medicine company is your friend, but in this case they are not!

Early this year the ABC started broadcasting a great new show call THE CHECKOUT. It’s a cynical, honest and intelligent commentary on the psychology behind the products we consume. Whether it be groceries or a mobile phone plan, they’ve got their inside scoop on how these corporations sell us stuff we don’t need.

The Checkout ABC show-620x349THE CHECKOUT provides an interesting insight into why be buy the things we buy.

In a recent episode THE CHECKOUT team tore apart Swisse, the well known health and vitamins multinational corporation. They made a mokery of a variety of their products and how they simply don’t do what it says on the packet. Check out this news report!

In 2011 Swisse reported an $8.9 million profit. It’s been reported that their biggest selling advantage has been their deployment of big name celebrities spruiking their products. Check out this pathetic clip they put together featuring Nicole Kidman prancing around in short shots.

This battle of oppressive marketing slogans and junk is something that needs to be address and THE CHECKOUT are doing a great job of it! But, they’ve hit a snag. Swisse want to take them to court because the CEO’s father feels “severely injured in his reputation and standing” by the show.

In a writ filed with the Victorian Supreme Court on April 26, Avni Sali, the father of Swisse chief executive Radek Sali, claims that The Checkout defamed him by saying he “manipulated” clinical tests of a Swisse appetite suppressant to benefit the company.

What do I think of Swisse?
I think it’s junk. Eating healthy and doing excercise is common sense. For those of us who are still working that out, I don’t think companies like Swisse should be able to get away with capitolising on our physical insecurities without question or public discussion. It you make millions of dollars selling products that are supposed to heal us, and we find out they don’t actually do anything, expect a response.

I believe these sorts of organisations have a strong role in manipulating both medicinal regulation and marketing regulation and, to be honest, I think we should all have our opinions hear loud and clear.

If you see crap, people should be allowed to say it’s crap – even on prime time television. I’m proud of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for doing their job and speaking on behalf of every day Australia.

In my opinion, when a medicine company starts asking Kim Kardashian to tweet about their product, you know something is wrong. She recently tweeted:
“So excited to go to Australia next month 2 promote my Kardashian Kollection Bags.Then off to Melbourne Cup races thanks to Swisse Vitamins.”

If the ABC or THE CHECKOUT need any technology / social media support in their defence I’m more than happy to offer it! Keep up the great work!

Image: John Urbano