When Shane Warne the Musical premiered at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival six years ago, the spin king had a few more kilos, a few less controversies and was yet to leave wife Simone for British glamazon Liz Hurley.

Which is why creator Eddie Perfect had to put pen to paper and reboot the show for 2013 – premiering tonight as the first event of the Cabaret Festival.

“The story is completely different now,” he said. “You can’t just tack on the last six or seven years post-cricket and expect it to hold together as a story, so we sort of reimagined the whole thing.”

Now backed by a 24-piece orchestra, the musical has a new score, new script and new characters played by an A-list cast, including four-time gold Logie winner Lisa McCune as Warne’s former wife Simone Callahan.

Shane Warne the Musical is a rollercoaster of Aussie sterotypes and shock jock one liners. If you like your musicals with a healthy dose of vulgar language (aussie style) then this is right up your alley. I, for one, loved it!

This Musical is for a new audience, which is great to see. From sitting in the audience you quickly notice that most of the punters are actually sport lovers. Eavesdrop into a conversation and you’ll more than likely catch the latest sports results. People who go to see Shane Warne the Musical are right into sport. For many, the music is an excursion.

The focus here is on [Australia]. A great fusion of two culturally divergent passions – sport and music. This musical brings a culturally split Australia together, united in one magical sexy show – oral sex with a thick sprinkling of the F and C word throughout.

If you’re looking for original, creative, divergent, contemporary, mainstream aussie culture that goes to the musical heart in all of us then look no further. Shane Warne the musical is a good example of live and local music that pays musicians real cash and celebrates the song lines of contemporary Australia.