Our good friend Mr C celebrated his birthday last night with outstanding style!

We all had an amazing time and along the way I may have found a new calling in life – Popup Concert Photo Journalism. See my first attempts below.

I would love to tell you exactly where and when this event took place but I can’t. My lips are sealed.

Due to a large amount of red tape and a long running battle with a unnamed local council this space is still a few months off having all building regulations met. So for now, the details are top secret. Families singing and smiling, the dancing floor raging and new friendships forming all night long. Thank you for such a great time!

“Most importantly, please alerting your friends/family that they must NEVER tweet or make mention of this address or venue name on Facebook or anywhere else.”

Sydney is an incredible city with so much musical talent on every corner! It’s these sorts of events that make me even more determined to help support Musomap, World Musician Day and make Popup Concerts more common place at home and around the world.