Excited to be sharing this new open source project today.

Your very own Pull Request Assistant!

Here’s how it works.

Your pull request assistant scans a GitHub organizations repositories for open Pull Requests. Owners and reviewers are notified via a Slack direct message when a Pull Request fall idle.

“Hi John. This one has now been idle for 72 hours…”

Your pull request assistant helps you reduce idle time with notifications, charts, insights and trends.

How do I set this up?

  1. Create a GitHub Access Token.
  2. Create a new Slack bot and Access Token.
  3. Create a new Heroku App.
  4. Deploy!
  5. Whitelist your chosen Slack and GitHub users.
// insert into Mongo db.members
        "github_name": "johnsmith", 
        "slack_name" : "john"

Try it out with your GitHub organization free now!