Last week I joined the Chelsea Symphony violins and it was an amazing experience.

“Wow. I can tell you now. This group puts on one of the best classical symphony experiences in NYC. On par with the better known orchestras in town.”

If you’re a professionally trained musician who is looking for an opportunity to join a community orchestra then this is the place to be!

The Rehearsal Schedule

For a given weekend of concerts there is a short sharp series of rehearsals. 3 full evening rehearsals. 2 dress rehearsals. All packed into a single working week.

The great thing about the rehearsal schedule is that it is not exhausting. I found the energy in the concert just kept on giving.

The Soloists

Our recent concert had 2 outstanding soloists. Daniel Dunford (Bass Trombone) and Jason Smoller (English Horn).

The orchestra selects it’s soloists by relying on the talent from within. If you join and perform a number of times you will be given the opportunity to bring your own concerto.

The group has enough talent to make that actually work!

It’s a great way to develop a community of musicians that are keen to help one another succeed.

In general, this orchestra is an incredibly well run ship. Having performed with over 20 community orchestras myself (Sydney, London, Beijing, …) I can tell you now that this group is by far and away one of the best, non political, welcoming, efficient, professional ensembles I’ve seen.

The Programme

The orchestra usually performs a healthy mix of popular classical repertoire and modern contemporary symphonic works.

In our recent concert we performed Sibelius, Strauss, Bach, … and a world premier of Tim Kiah’s Song of Zippy. An experimental orchestra / poetry work.

Out next concert

Our next concert is early March. A viola concert. Dvorak.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Join us here.