If you’re wanting to start up a new initiative in NSW this might be of some interesting.

New Projects Funding supports time-limited arts and cultural projects at any stage in their creative development and/or public presentation.

Closing date Monday, 15 July 2013

Funding limit
$30,000 for a creative development OR public presentation
$60,000 for a creative development AND public presentation

Who can apply?
Organisations (excluding organisations applying for, or in receipt of, Program Funding); Individuals, partnerships and groups (auspiced).

Term: all activities must commence after 1 January
2014, and generally be completed within the 2014 calendar year.

The objectives of New Projects Funding are to:
– support professional and artistic development
– stimulate arts and cultural development in NSW
– support the employment of NSW professional artists and arts and cultural practitioners
– contribute to innovation and excellence
– improve performance, curatorial, production, exhibition and collection management standards
– deliver broader community outcomes, with engagement of professional artists and arts practitioners.

An application may be made for a:
– creative development (one or more stages)
– public presentation
– creative development and public presentation for the same project.
Some New Projects examples are:
– any stage(s) of the development of a new dance work including a showing to selected peers but without a public presentation of the completed work
– the rehearsal and public presentation of a new theatre text or innovative new presentation of an existing text
– the engagement of a professional creative to exchange ideas and collaborate with members of the community to develop a concept of importance to that community
– the development and presentation of a new museum display featuring items from current and/or new or borrowed collections
– the investigation and development of a new visual arts work in a public place
– a series of professional development workshops and mentoring sessions where young writers work with industry professionals to develop their work and explore digital publishing
– commissioning a writer/composer/ choreographer/artist to develop a work for a festival or event.
For works that include a public presentation, confirmation from your presenting venue/partner or evidence of likely presenting venues/partners is required.

Projects must involve professional artists, arts workers or cultural workers living in NSW.

Project Funding is for time-limited projects only. Continued support in subsequent years cannot be guaranteed.

Please refer to the general and specific eligibility requirements in section 3.
New Projects Funding is not available for:
– organisations applying for, or in reciept of, Program Funding
– the remount or tour of a work beyond its
initial presentation (see Performing Arts Touring section 3)
– multiple projects within the same application
(with the exception of festivals)

Organisations may apply for funding towards the presentation of a festival. Please note funding can only be provided toward the professional arts and cultural components.

Applications will be assessed using the General
Assessment Criteria in section 3.

Complete and submit the New Projects Application Form on the Arts NSW online application system www.apply.arts.nsw.gov.au

Musomap is a number of things.
– a new social technology for live local music.
– facilitates new music opportunities (world musician day, fete de la musique, popup concerts).
– open practice rooms.
– live local connection.
– amateur music development.
– creative cross genre support.
– digital marketing.
– community engagement.

How do I apply for an Arts NSW New Project Grant? Do I hope to host an event? Am I seeking funding to keep Musomap alive? Do I want to host a series of popup concerts? How does Arts NSW benefit from supporting Musomap?

Open community engagement and local connection (Musomap style) doesn’t exactly align with ‘good quality art’ which the the goal of these grants applications. My issue with ‘good quality’ is that it is personal and subjective.