Recently I’ve been exploring a better understanding of team collaboration and communication.

I’ve found it surprising how difficult it can be to push an idea ahead. It takes a number of soft skills to get a group of people to row in the same direction.

Managing Oneself

This book made me realise many things about myself. I’m a listener rather than a reader. I like to talk rather than write. I’m social rather than private. I work well under pressure. I like questions. I’m provocative. Some of my lasting values surround social equality, mental health and artistic expression.

Drucker makes it clear that we need a certain environment in which to thrive. Without that we simply can not compete. We are all different. We learn in different ways. Things can not be easily streamlined.

The Power of Now

This is what I thought the bible was supposed to be about. A book that unlocks the meaning of life. The power of now is the most significant piece of spiritual writing I’ve ever read. It will continue to help me deal with my existence. I’m less angry having read this again.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

A powerful fable or a tech company working through turmoil and dissent. A team that simply can’t work together. A book about how to lead.

This book made me realise that pleasing others and making friends is not the point.

Conflict is the combination of many factors.

Short team goals, shared understanding, commitment, trust and values. A great leader needs to focus on the whole stack of cards. Team leadership is a long game, it takes months and years to pay off.

Along the way this book made me realise that heartbreak and confrontation are all part of a healthy working life. If you’re heart rate never gets above 80bpm then perhaps you’re not doing your job right. Building trust is hard anywhere, especially at work. It takes blood, sweat and tears.

“As short term goals become less clear the space for individual ego increases, undermining team collaboration and great success.” Lencioni.

Give me feedback!

With all of this I’ve decided my next steps will be towards creating opportunities to get feedback. Talking with colleagues and clients in a more one on one private sort of space. A place in which they feel comfortable enough to constructively criticise me and my work. Keen to learn!