Learning to detach is not intuitive for everyone. Especially for those people who I call “Attachers”.

Simply knowing that “I need to separate” from a discussion or decision is not enough. It takes time and practice to be able to do exactly that.

Not only do I need to work on building up the muscle of detachment. I also need to establish a healthy baseline. To know when it is a good idea to Detach. And, when it is right to conversely Attach.

In order to build up this skill, I meditate. Three times a day. At work.

9am. 1pm. 3pm. I take 10 minutes for myself in a private space to practice the skill of detachment.

I experiment with mindful apps, silence, and the following sorts of techniques.

After doing this for a couple of days. I am more comfortable with the idea of detaching. It comes more naturally. Allowing me to gather my thoughts, be patient, be creative, and find solutions under pressure.