Last night Michael Booth & Oliver Wenn took to the stage at Tap Gallery to render a power and raw performance of The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. This duo, in collaboration with producer Jocelyn Brewer know exactly what’s needed when bring close up, minimal, hard hitting, script to life.

// Update: This post is old. Oh how things change. The below engagement turned out to be a catastrophic failure. Enjoy the read x.

At $30 a ticket, this is the best value theatre in Sydney. It’s so good you might end up falling in love and getting engaged. I did.

3 years ago my beautiful fiancé Amanda and I went on our first date to see a Cathode Ray Tube production at Tap gallery. It was a steamy friday night. I was nervous. Neither of use had seen the venue or knew anything about the show. We had a few quick drinks at the bar and sat down to enjoy the show. It’s a small space. A friendly connected audience. Plastic cups, $5 wine. That old chestnut.

That first show transported me. By the end Amanda and I were holding hands and crying tears of joy and despair. I told Amanda she’d have to wait until our third date before we could have sex.

If you like your emotions served up like a bloody juicy steak then Michael Booth and the Cathode Ray Tube Theatre crew might be just what you are looking for. They get better and better with every year.