It’s interesting to work with different development teams. Everyone has a different way of working, and it all comes to a head when we checkin our code.

Here’s my take on the different types of version control aware software people :)

Give. Get. Merge…


You want to check-in all the time. You fix typos and check them in. You check-in files that haven’t changed.

You’re obsessed with getting the latest. Half way through writing a line of code you’ll get latest just in case something happened whilst you were doing some actual work.


You get drunk and start checking stuff just to see what’ll happen. And you never get latest.

“Yep! I’ll auto merge all those changes thanks :)”.


You’re perfect. Every time you check-in the world starts clapping.


Your palms go sweating every time you check-in. You shy away from the Commit button and bury yourself in another 2hrs of unit tests.


You don’t bother with the IDE. Who needs that?

No. You get the file explorer add-ons and starting checking in system files that have nothing to do with the solution.


You don’t checkin or check out. You just sit there and watch the history. You compare. Ready to pounce.