Wakaleo and John Smart

Wakaleo is John Smart. John Smart is a bdd / tdd expert. An academic. An author. A consultant. John can help you improve your organisations technology through improved bdd / tdd strategies, cleaner code and advanced continuous delivery.

You can find him online or at one of the upcoming ‘agile’ meetups in sydney, or melbourne.

Techniques and Tools

His two day course involves a complex array of hands of labs involving; fluent assertions, tdd styles, various tools (NUnit, Jasmine, Specflow), advanced feature / specification definitions, real world prototyping, red green refactoring, test doubles (mocking), clean coding and refactoring.

Uncle bob would be proud.

Testing Strategy

I left the course having learnt a lot and returned to work thinking about how some of these ideas weren’t so easy to implement.

The course helped me realise that organisation / architecture of a solution is important. Planning ahead. Putting together a testing strategy up front is incredibly important.

I’ve now got a better handle on a testing strategy for a multi layered web api service oriented architecture. A cleaner way to better organise Unit, Integration, Acceptance and Post Deploy tests.

If you’re not carful. You’ll end up with a world of Acceptance Tests that are very difficult to maintain.