When I talk about agility I have no idea what I actually mean.

“What’s one fact that you believe to be true about ‘Agile’? What’s one myth?” - Ahmed Sidky

Here are 3 fresh examples of real world Agility I saw today.

John the agile musician.

John and I do gigs. A classical violin duo. Weddings, corporate events, parties. We rest our music on wire stands. Today it was windy.

5 minutes before the bride was scheduled to arrive John spotted a clothes line.

He borrowed some pegs to hold our music so it wouldn’t blow away.

Jenny the agile swimmer

Jenny swam 6km after work.

To prevent fog she tried licking the inside of her goggles.

The saliva kept the moister from sticking to the plastic.

Alex the agile barista

I ordered a latte.

Alex ran out of brown sugar.

He used honey.

Have you seen agility today?