Can Google Play Beat iTunes And Amazon?

“Whilst iTunes and Amazon seem to have a firm grip on the online music market, Google has been crafting a service which has the right qualities to secure a slice of the 19.9bn action.”

What I find most devastating about this is how people are not fussed by the massive ‘market shrinking’ effect this sort of technology will continue to have on the industry. Itunes, Amazon, Google – are you not fussed by the amount of profits these businesses are making on a intrinsic personal and cultural wealth?

Aside from the obvious small minority of musicians that take the lions share of the $19.9 billion dollars that is up for grabs in the music industry, it blows our mind how the music consumption market (the audience) is more than happy to disown their local musicians, their local music venues, music management, publicity and community in the search for a new song.

For 1000’s of years music was a sustainable and priceless communal physical cultural activity. We’ve now found a way to convert it into a commodity for ‘big computer open networks’ to use it in the search for more capital growth at the expense of artistry and community. Impressive. Unsustainable.

Honestly, does it really satisfy you when you click and buy the next big thing that’s flopped out from the other side of the planet? Is it relevant? Does it make you happy? Do you honestly care what some dude in Gangnam Korea is dancing about whilst the people in around your home are struggling with major personal and political issues?!!!

For me, it’ ain’t worth the 2c. I say go enjoy some real life local music because it’s what the neurons in the brain like most! Try it, it’s worth the inconvenience.

To find out more about how the digital publishing model all fits together – here’s a fun diagram to help put it all together by