Another passion project, on the side. Something to drive learning and potentially lead to a new business.


gitMarkdown. A markdown editor app with seamless GitHub integration.


Working on the app for a few weeks was eye opening, and fun. Here are some of the learnings I had along the way.


Xcode is Apples development environment. In general I actually like it. Some how it feels closer to Visual Studio than anything else. Well padded out and yet clunky and heavy handed in other areas.

I really appreciate how Apple has been able to consolidate it’s various engineering platforms into a single development environment.

Swift 3.0

Swift, the language is still a fascinating work space for me. There are some very convenient aspects to the language. Sometimes it reminds me of Ruby. I feel like the language often knows exactly what I want without me having to outline things.

Lots of clear logical shortcuts. Less noise.

Test Flight

Apple’s release management platform is actually very smooth. From my macbook I’m able to develop features, test them on a device locally, build and then release to friends devices as required using Test Flight.

Test flight sends our a friendly reminder to friends letting them know the latest version is ready for testing. The Test Flight app also offers up an “install” prompt which does exactly what it should.

Awesome collaborative testing platform.


Along the way I’ve had to think more about UX and design when it comes to building iOS apps.

Sketch has been a life saver.