“It’s easy to now say we did a good job. Proud of our efforts. Happy with the way we collaborated. But, looking back, every step of the way felt like a battle.”

This is normal

It’s normal to feel as though people are not listening to you.

It’s normal to feel as though finding the right solution is a process of intense negotiation and debate. Good things don’t come easy. Patience.

Get used to it…

Making progress at work

I find that I spend a lot of my time worrying about work. I often sit still on a Sunday night staring off into space organising my thoughts for a discussion at work on Monday. It’s both exciting and exhausting.

Caring about my job

It’s a real pain caring about the work that I do. Trying to find a happy medium. Listening. Caring about others.

Stepping away from an implementation discussion that doesn’t end with an agreement is a real challenge. It’s stressful. It’s difficult to hold off and wait.

Maybe everyone feels like no one is listening at times. Perhaps that is normal.