Here are some of my slightly wild notes from the first session that kicked off this week.

Being together. A morning mediation instead of a morning #standup. A deeper connection. A new social contract. Letting go of mistakes. Opening up to emerging needs. Organisation professionalism. Natural Accountability. Embracing heart and will. The destruction of “us” vs “them”. #agile #scrum #ulab #cocreativity #socialcontract

The global pick up of this course is evidence. It’s proof that we are in need of a more powerful language beyond the old #capitalism and #democracy rhetoric.

Imagine the next generation of software developers sitting together and meditating our solutions. A more powerful state of collective mindfulness. A work space in which collaboration and responsibility are key. A model in which we break through the current state of organised irresponsibility.

If this sounds like your kind of thing please join the course and let’s organise a #hub session on a fortnight basis.

This is a massive opportunity for us to explore personal and organisational change in an open and structured way.

  • #ulab #endings: Ownership. Privacy. Property. Borders. Accountability. Capitalism. Democracy.
  • #ulab #beginnings: Collaborative. Open. Beautiful. Self evident. Equal. Accepting. Forgiving. Real.

Ideas to explore…

  • Write a blog post to summaries the ideas in the first video
  • discover the overview effect.
  • explore the divides and the social contract.
  • the next generation and awareness and this opportunity.
  • translate this course into a set of blog post that my tech community can benfit from…?