I’ve started doing at work recently is hosting “mindful lunches”. It’s basically a change for anyone who’s interested in meditation to come along and share their tips. A space to encourage one another “keep it up!”.

I’m noticing others have a variety of mindful themes and techniques. Things like; gratitude, patience, acceptance, kindness and many others.

What I’m finding is that starting off with Detachment is a great way to clear the mind from my various goals and ideas. I’m finding that if I simply take on the goal of detaching from my various “mind bugs”, I’m then able to more naturally begin to appreciate, accept and be more gracious.

I’ve noticed that when I take on the take of Detaching it cascade quickly.

“Yes. That conversation went badly. But let me just take this 10 minutes to step away from thinking about that. Now, let me consider, why am I so hung up on that particular conversation. Is it because I value that colleague. Now, for a moment,let me step down from focusing on ‘building relationships with colleagues’. Let me simply pass on all my colleagues. To take a moments rest. And why are my colleagues so important to me? Perhaps I cam worried about career success? Let me take a minute to abandon my entire career. And where is that worry coming from? Do I need a job to pay my bills. Let me step down from paying bills. Let me enjoy a moment, a bill-less existence. Are these bills there to help me survive in this world? Let me take a moment to just abandon the need to survive. Let me just exist in the ether. A self that is immortal. And now. let me release my sense of self entirely. Let me cease to exist, and let the space in which I exist, the ether, go too…”

To develop this skill is to gain perspective. It is in my view associated with the buddha’s promise of enlightenment.