That’s right folks, it’s #DrawingAugust. Let’s celebrate!!! It’s time to get your draw on, in a big way with some life drawing in a new type of setting. Come join us at Parliament on King tomorrow night to kick off a beautiful August of artwork.

  • Thursday 6th Auguest 2015, 7pm – 9pm.
  • 632 King St, Erskineville NSW 2043.
  • $10.

@ArtKahne (me) will be running the session in collaboration with the beautiful Ashleigh West and the magestic Ravi Prasad.

This is the sort of life drawing work out that goes best with a glass of wine, good friends, slow grooves and unexpected chuckling.

Now keep in mind. We fly in the face of meritocracy. So if you’re feeling shy, this is the place to be. We celebrate mediocrity in a very serious way.

“All drawings are born equal.”


Bring your own paper, board and marking devices (pencils). This is a fairly small intimate space so A3 is probably the largest you’ll go.

What is #DrawingAugust all about?

There are times in your life when you wish you had the chance to give some focus to a skill that you’re trying to develop or refine.

The catalyst was a discussion of how we both needed to make more time for drawing. So I suggested to Dean that we should do a drawing a day for a month. As with all these things, the sudden realisation that you are about to make a commitment led us both to find a time that would work for both of us. So we agreed August would be that month and #DrawingAugust was born.

See you there!