I just tried posting the following message on Facebook and they’ve now blocked me.

“We all login and post content for free whilst Facebook turns a profit in Q1 2013 with $1.46 billion revenue. #InformationKillsJobs #ZeroSumGain”

Immediately they locked down my account. I’m now unable to post across my profile. I’m sure this will resolve itself and they will avoid the incident by granting me permission but, does this not worry you?

The dawn of a new information age in which power and data naturally centralise is something that keeps me up at night. It’s not that we or computers are ‘bad’, it’s that funneling data leads to economic elitismVast industries have been brought to their knees through the collection of mass data. Music, medicine, journalism.

Google is a great service because it’s free and stands alone as a ‘central’ beacon. Wikipedia is powerful because it’s one point of focus that allows us to work on a combined source of truth. Facebook and Friendster can’t both exist, one must ‘eat’ the other. This symptom of aggressive centralisation is a new issue and something that I hope we can find a way to address with time. Right now it’s ok, in a few decades things may need to change in favour of the non-tech middle class musicians, doctors and journalists.

I’ve now been flagged by Facebook. What next?