It’s taken me a while, but better late than never right?

I’ve come to this realisation as a result of my community focused work with live and local musicians around the world as the founding director of The Global Map of Musicians. The infinity of talented creative individuals in the community are doing an incredible job at chiseling away at their craft. It’s amazing to have been able to make such a connection with so many great musician around the world.

In stark contradiction – I’m shocked by the complacency and cautious reservation of Sydney’s major land owners and regulators. Who to blame? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the system and general attitude I’d like to fix.

I think a notion of a republic is linked to our sense of location, identity, culture and creativity. I see how we as a nation might be more willing to invest in the arts if we had a spot on the globe to celebrate. A space on which we can leave a mark. A positive progressive meeting-point of ideas and communication.

The reason I’ve been avoiding my inner pro-republic ideals for the past 10 years is because I’ve been afraid of the white parochial racist streak that will most likely following on the heels of an all powerful Aussie President. I guess that’s the price we’ll have to pay in order to get some contemporary artistic concepts flowing.

“In Sydney, we’re lucky, because some questions are answered before we even begin. We know we’re young, we’re beautiful, we’re hot. We love moonlit walks on the beach, and we love alfresco dining as long as we don’t make any noise and we’re out of there by 10pm. We also love any celebration with firecrackers. But what do we want to be when we grow up?”
– Richard Roxburgh

Before I’m done and dusted and I’d love to help form a sense of artistic culture that is integrate and celebrated throughout daily life in Australia.