This post may seem like some sort of cras promotion but – it’s not. It’s a question.

Here’s what I take from Peter Vincent’s claim that Jayesslee is The Most Marketable Duo in Contemporary Australian Music. One word… “COMMUNITY”

I’m fascinated by two elements that define artistic success:
1. Content, in this case – ok music.
2. Community, in this case – the church, a strong group with a ‘common unity’.

In their 5 years the Lee sisters have built the most subscribed Australian YouTube channel with 1.4 million followers, 904000 likes on Facebook and more than 100,000 Twitter followers.

Jayesslee is another example of success in #CreativeAustralia. Success through ‘community’ rather than ‘content’. They working away via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and for the most part they perform within the context of their community. People listen to Jayesslee with their church friends. People listen to Jayesslee and it makes them feel as though they belong.

Interesting to note, they’ve built this success without relying on traditional mainstream media.

Is their music something you would consider original, new, personal, emotional. Is it the skillful expression of emotion? Is it honest? Is it music that celebrates a new perspective? Does it reflect true blue Australia? Is their success parallel to their artistic merit? Is Jayesslee as good as it gets? Can you do better?

All the while, as an artist, this dialog about ‘community’ gives me the shits. What communities do you belong to? Are you part of a group and writing to please others or are you an artist true to your own thoughts, ideas, joys and fears – an individual.

Is Jayesslee an artistic creative Australian act or is it simply facilitating friendship?

I wish Jayesslee all the best but I don’t feel their success is representative. I look forward to seeing a more unique creative Australian music act achieve the same level of success.