It’s crunch time for Annandale Hotel and Leichhardt mayor Darcy Byrne has made an impassioned 11th hour plea.

Byrne wrote to Ferrier Hodgson on Wednesday asking that prospective bidders be told Byrne wants the hotel to remain as a live music venue, and that local councils now support its use as a music venue.

In recent months both Leichhardt council and Marrickville council have made some powerful and political steps forward in celebration of live and local music. It’s great to see this unanimous political agreement in support of the arts!

Byrne has also urged members of the public to let Ferrier Hodgson know how they want the hotel to be used.

Great! This what I’d like to see…

The Annandale Hotel should set aside one night a week to celebrate musicians who live in the area. I propose a weekly acoustic unplugged live and local night for the people, by the people. An on-the-fly vote-and-promote-yourself to perform and see what happens night. A popup concert. An A space that features musicians who live in the area. A night to bring the community together. A night to celebrate “The Sound Of Annandale” – isn’t that what it was created for?

To my dismay, of the last few gigs at the Annandale I see none that actually book musicians who live in Annandale, Leichhardt or Marrickville.

We can make enough to stay afloat through the simple celebrating of lesser know musicians in the community!

Across these two councils there must be at least 2000 amateur + professional musicians. A group of musicians from all walks of life. A group of artists that will attract a vibrant and energised audience. A group of artists that does actually want to support one another without having to suck up to shipped in headlining acts.

Basically – quit shipping in musicians from Melbourne.

Having said that, there are 100’s of spaces throughout Annandale that I believe will support a thriving live and local scene. Town Halls, Churches, Cafes, Parks, Homes, Warehouses, … We musicians will find a way to survive without relying on cut throat venues funded by a booze corner.