It’s awesome to see that the angular framework is coming ahead with leaps and bounds. It feels as though Angular is a new standard the likes of which we haven’t seen since the appearance of JQuery.

Exploring a few different ideas with Angular and through I’d share some basic thoughts. Controllers and markup. Services. Routing. Directives. What do all these words mean?

‘Super powered’ by Google, Angular is an open source JavaScript framework that is here to stay. With over 100 contributors this project is more stable than ever before.

Readable code. Wow.

Here are my 10 favourite things about Angular.

  1. It’s a library that helps you eradicate your JavaScript spaghetti.
  2. MV* framework. Similar to KnockOut and Backbone. Angular is a front end technology that helps you simplify your presentation layer.
  3. It makes it easy to separate your Controller, Presentation and View Model implementation.
  4. It’s built for SPA.
  5. It’s stable, well supported with countless tutorials, demos and code samples.
  6. It helps write testable code. Seamless and automated unit testing.
  7. Simplifies your code. No need to worry about running a HTTP Get.
  8. It’s the bread and button of future online applications. A way of thinking about web development. A conversation more inline with regular desktop applications. A way of building applications rather than Document. Html documents.
  9. Guidance on using Dependency Injection which leads to readable code. Wow.
  10. Dirty Checking. When something changes we don’t need to have to listen or manually deal with those changes.

Can software have an opinion?
Opinionated software is a buzz word. It’s a type of framework. There are various development frameworks that are known as ‘opinionated’.

Angular Primary Components.
1. Controller. Logic and client state.
2. View. Bindings and Directives.
3. Services. Contain state of the application. Complex business logic. Server.