last night Jorge took an F# shotgun to my head and now my object oriented brains are splattered all over the place.

“Do you want to learn F# and Functional Programming? Well, you better start coding! Learning a new programming language is not easy, on top of reading a lot you need to practice even more.”

If you get the chance to see Readify’s Jorge speak make sure you lock in a seat. His presentation is clear and very well prepared. He’ll have you writing code and uncommenting unit tests before you finish your first beer.

Last night we got started with the basics: bindings, functions, tuples, records, high order functions, pipelining, partial applications, composition, options, pattern matching, discriminated unions, units of measures, functional lists, recursion, list modules, object oriented programming and type providers.

3hrs into this eye opening workshop I realised something profound about F#.

If you’re not writing F# you might not have a job in a fast approaching complex algorithm multiplying core world.

I hope to see you at the next Sydney F# meetup.