Good old Addison Road Markets. I remember back when I was a kid and I got arrested for fire twirling in the car park at midnight, but that’s another story…

On the weekend we made our way down to the infamous Addison Rd markets and found that, once again, this community of stalls continues to flourish year on year! I’ve been frequenting these markets since they began and I’m constantly surprised by how, of recent years, the Marrickville neighbourhood has done everything they can do support and celebrate the Addison Rd markets and community center.

And by the way, in my humble opinion, I think the life drawing classes held at the Addison Rd Centre are the best in Sydney.

The history of the Addison Rd Community Centre is full of unexpected twists and turns.
IMG_0266Originally this wetland area was inhabited by the Cadigal Wangal. They took care of the space for well over 40,000 years.

Soon after the sight was drained and converted into farm land the city create an Army Barracks on the site. The location of ARCC’s current carpark was in fact the military’s parade ground.

The city used the space to create an army barracks in 1913. I used the exact same spot to twirl fire and got pulled up by the police. “You can’t do that here…” they told me.

After the army barracks were decommissioned in the early 1970’s, the space was given over to the community to utilise, first as an Immigration Centre and then as a General Community Centre in 1976.

Only recently in the 90’s did the space starts it’s wider community collaboration and cultural development work. In 1998 it began its reformation with a governance restructuring – replacing a management committee.

Now, the addison road community center, has developed a well known presence as one of Sydney’s most culturally diverse spaces for it’s Sunday Markets and it’s many creative arts projects.

It’s fun to watch the live and local musicians try to perform whilst the aircraft fly overhead. Sometimes it feels as though the planes are going to land in the carpark.

I look forward to see you at the markets soon!